Weight Management

Our relationship with food and our body is often closely linked to other areas of our life. For example our emotions, stress levels, boredom and desire for a ‘reward’ can all play a part.

Our eating behaviours can also be the product of habit, which has been learned over many years, or can stem from an emotional disturbance in our childhood which has created a negative association with food.

During times of stress our primive, emotional brain which is handed down from our Cavemen ancestors, can also make us believe we need to either ‘stock up’ on food, or ration our food, in order to ensure our survival in times when we might have been uncertain where our next meal was coming from.

Hypnotherapy can help you manage your weight by encouraging you to engage with the intellectual, problem solving part of your brain. It will also teach you how to feel more relaxed and focus on the positives and your achievements, rather then dwelling on what you perceive to be ‘failures’.

This is a crucial factor in maintaining a healthy relationship with food, which Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you achieve.


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