Unwanted habits

Our imagination is an extremely powerful tool , which we all have at our disposal, and hypnotherapy can help your brain create a new, positive and smoke free future through visualisation. Solution focused hypnotherapy will also encourage you to engage with your intellectual brain, which when in control will not allow your emotional, childlike brain to reach for another cigarette.

Do you have any unwanted habits that are holding you back or you feel unable to control?

Maybe something is having a negative impact on your physical health or your mood but you feel powerless to stop.  Often, our habits are formed at a time in our lives when we needed them for some reason and they helped us cope.  However its often the case that we don’t actually need them anymore and they have gone from helping us cope, to hindering our life in some way.  Feelings of frustration, guilt and a sense of having a lack of control are often experienced when the behaviour is engaged in, which can perpetuate the problem and cause a vicious cycle.

The good news is that our habits have been learnt, which means they can be unlearnt!

Having an awareness and clarity, lowering general stress levels and focusing on your desired outcome can help you move forward and let go of redundant ways of thinking and unwanted habits.  Hypnotherapy brings together the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind, which helps to override resistance and bring about positive change.

The combination of talking therapy and relaxation can help you achieve the awareness, clarity and motivation you need to leave unwanted habits in the past.




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