Negative Thinking and Low Mood

We all have days when we feel a bit down, but if you find yourself experiencing these days more often than not and you are unable to pick yourself back up, then life can seem like a constant uphill struggle.

When you get stuck in a cycle of negative thinking it can drain you of energy and make everyday tasks feel overwhelming. You may find yourself oversleeping, or not sleeping enough, which can make you feel worse. All areas of your life can be impacted and your personal relationships and everyday functioning may suffer.

We all have bad days when we want to retreat to our cave and shut out the outside world.  But sometimes these feelings can be made worse and last for longer if we get trapped in a cycle of negative thinking.  In focusing on all the things that are ‘wrong’, your brain filters out all the good things and it can feel like you have no control.  Recognising when and why your brain is doing this and learning to quiet your mind and relax your body can help re-train your brain and calm your nervous system.  Combined with positive visualisation, you can begin to make changes in your everyday life and break the cycle of unhelpful thought patterns which have been contributing to your low mood.

Clinical depression is not the same as low mood and negative thinking.  If you suspect you may have clinical depression then you should always consult your Doctor.


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