About Me

Steph Miller BA (Hons), PG Dip Psychology, DSFH

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been interested in psychology and self development.  After experiencing (and overcoming) a period of anxiety and panic attacks in my early 20’s I became even more interested in the power of the mind and the benefit of adopting a holistic approach to well-being.  At the time it was hard to imagine it would ever end, but in hindsight, I’m so grateful for what I went through as it gave me a deeper understanding of the triggers and effects of stress and panic attacks, and a greater awareness of the mind-body connection.

I went on to obtain a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and gained experience working in a Psychology Service delivering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) self help courses, unsure exactly what I wanted to do, but confident that if I followed my passion it would lead me in the right direction.

I became more interested in the role of the subconscious and hypnotherapy was a natural progression for my training.  I had already experienced first hand how positive and empowering it could be when you are committed to change and I decided to use my personal and professional experience to help others. In 2015 I began my training, qualifying with a Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy from the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training School in 2016.   Finding myself particularly drawn to the mind-body connection and having a keen interest in complementary and natural health I decided to train in Kinesiology.  I’d always been fascinated by Eastern principles of energy flow within the body, and Kinesiology was the missing piece of the puzzle for me.  Bringing together everything I have learnt (and continue to learn!) on my own journey, I feel passionately about helping others harness their inner resources and make changes to improve their own emotional and physical well-being.

Outside of work, I’m a self-confessed nature junkie and I love taking my dog for long walks in the countryside or by the sea and enjoying all the great cafes and restaurants of Bristol!