Bad habits

Our imagination is an extremely powerful tool , which we all have at our disposal, and hypnotherapy can help your brain create a new, positive and smoke free future through visualisation. Solution focused hypnotherapy will also encourage you to engage with your intellectual brain, which when in control will not allow your emotional, childlike brain to reach for another cigarette.

Smoking and other addictive behaviours can feel like they have a hold over you and impact negatively on other areas of your life and your health.  Habits (both good and bad) become templates stored in the subconscious mind, so we need to utilise the power of the subconscious to release bad habits.

When you get clarity and are ready to release unhelpful behaviours, you might even surprise yourself with the ease with which it can be done. This will leave you feeling empowered and in control and will often have a knock on positive effect in other areas of your life!



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